PPTP Mac OS X Versions 10.4-10.10 Setup Guide



The following guide outlines the steps necessary to install & configure VPNTunnel using PPTP on your Mac OS X (versions 10.4 - 10.10; "Tiger", "Leopard", "Snow Leopard", "Lion", "Mountain Lion", "Mavericks", and "Yosemite") computer:

1.    Open "System Preferences" from the Apple Menu in your menubar:

2.    Select "Network" from the Internet & Wireless options:

3.    Click the "+" button to add new network connection:

4.    Select the Interface & VPN Type to be used for this connection, and enter a name for Service Name.  Click"Create" upon entering these details:

5.     The connection will now appear in your Connections list.  To configure the connection; select "Add Configuration":

6.    Name your new configuration.  If you will be adding multiple VPNTunnel servers / locations; we recommend naming based on location (Ie.  VPNTunnel France). Click "Create" once a name has been entered:

7.    Add the server address of the VPNTunnel server / location that you wish to connect to from the complete and current list of VPNTunnel's PPTP server's can be found here, (Ie. France = fr-pptp.vpntunnel.se) to the "Server Address" field.  Enter your VPNTunnel username in the "Account Name" field.  Once both the Server Address & Account Name fields have been entered; select "Authentication Settings":

8.    Enter your VPNTunnel account password in the Password field under "User Authentication".  Click "OK" to save this information:

9.    Select the option to "Show VPN stats in menu bar" if you wish to always have the connection status shown.

10.   Select "Advanced"; select the option to "Send all traffic over VPN connection" to ensure ALL of your traffic is encrypted and fully protected by VPNTunnel. Click "Save" to save this setting:

11.   Click "Apply" to save all settings entered for the new VPNTunnel configuration you just added:

12.   If you wish to add multiple VPNTunnel server configurations; please repeat Steps 6 - 11 for each server / location you wish to connect to.

13.   To connect to the VPNTunnel server you added; select "Connect":

Once you have successfully connected to the VPNTunnel server; the connection status will show as "Connected", along with details regarding the length of time you have been connected, the IP address you are now appearing as, and information regarding current packets sent & received.  If you selected to show the status of your connection in the menu bar; you will see the length of connection time there as well.

All of your online activities are now 100% secure and anonymous while connected to VPNTunnel.  


If you have any questions, or experience any issues while installing & configuring PPTP on your Mac OS X computer to connect to the VPNTunnel VPN servers; please contact our Support Team anytime.