If you are experiencing issue with your real IP being displayed when connected to VPNTunnel; please see below for the possible causes of this and how to resolve the conflicts.

To test if WebRTC is being detected; please connect to VPNTunnel and confirm your connection details with a WebRTC Leak Test

Windows Users Using OpenVPN To Connect: 

If your IP is not being hidden when you are connected to our servers using OpenVPN on Windows; please ensure that the OpenVPN GUI client has Administrator access.  

To do this, please quit the OpenVPN GUI program if it is currently running, then right-click on the program icon and select "Run as Administrator" from the dropdown menu options.  Enter the username and password of a user on the computer who has Administrator access.  This is required in order to change your computers network configuration to work with our servers.

All Operating Systems - Chrome, Firefox, & Opera Browser Users: 

If you are using either Chrome, Firefox, or Opera as your browser and your real IP address is displaying, it may be due to how these browser handle WebRTC.  WebRTC supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calls, video chats, and P2P file sharing without the need of either internal or external plugins.  This enables some web services for your true IP to be read & detected by the web service you are accessing.

Please see below for details regarding how to disable WebRTC within your browser.




Please contact Support if you have any questions about your IP being leaked or WebRTC, or require technical assistance.