The following instructions outline the setup process for WireGuard connection on Windows 10:

1. Download WireGuard installer from official site:

2.  Open installer and install WireGuard software. If it will propose you to install WireGuard network adapter - click "Install"

3. WireGuard window will open after installation. Click on "Add empty tunnel":

4.  "Create new tunnel" window will pop-up. Copy private key to separate txt file - you will need it in the future.

Then copy public key to clipboard and  click "Cancel".

4.  Open this link and go to tab WireGuard. Press "Add new key"

5.  Paste your public key from the clipboard and add description to this key. Leave PSK filed blank for now. Click on "Add Keys":

6.  Choose location that you want to connect and click on "Download configuration files".

7.  Open your Downloads folder, find and unpack your new WireGuard configs.

8. Open your WireGuard config in the folder. Enter your private key that you saved before to separate file , ip address and delete line with preshared key - same as on the screenshot below.

After that your config should look like this:

9. Launch WireGuard app, select "Import Tunnel from file":

Click "Open":

10. Config will be loaded in WireGuard app. Click "Activate":

11. And now you are connected to vpn. If you want to disconnect - click "Deactivate".

If you have any questions, or experience any issues while installing and setting up your Windows device to connect to the VPNTunnel VPN servers - please contact our Support Team anytime.