Does VPNTunnel support IPv6?

Yes, we do.

What is "IPv6"?

IPv6 is a network communication protocol, which was developed to substitute regular IPv4 protocol, which is commonly used in internet now.
IPv4 was developed a long time ago and has a lot of weak points; but the main problem is that IPv4 addresses are already exhausted in all world, so all major companies, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix are already using IPv6 in theirs infrastructure.

How can I check, do I have IPv6 address on my device already?

You can open this site -
It will run a couple of test and in the end will give you a conclusion - do you have IPv6 address enabled or not.

 If I have only IPv4 address  - can I connect with your vpn and get IPv6 address too?

Yes! Even if you only have IPv4 address, after connection to IPv6-capable location, your device will obtain IPv6 address  and you will be able to browse internet using IPv6 protocol as well.

 If I have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses - should I connect to IPv6-capable location?

Yes. In this case, we strongly advise you connect to IPv6-capable location. This way, you will obtain both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from our server and this will hide your original addresses that you have from your provider.

Do I need IPv6 for everyday browsing?

Well, generally, right now you don't. There are probably zero sites in internet, which have only IPv6 address and are not accessible for users who have only IPv4 at home. But since IPv6 is newer protocol, browsing with IPv6 will be a little faster, when compared to IPv4 protocol.

With what protocols can I connect to IPv6-capable locations?

Right now we support IPv6 for following protocols:
1. IPsec IKEv2.
2. OpenVPN.
PPTP and L2TP are not supported now and most likely will not receive IPv6 support in the future.

What locations are IPv6-capable?

All OpenVPN-IPv6 capable location are listed at "Server info" page, in "OpenVPN-IPv6" tab.
And for IPsec, all IPv6-capable locations, are marked with this icon:

How do I connect to IPv6 location?

If you want to connect with IPsec IKEv2 - you don't need to make any changes on your side. After connection to IPv6-capable location, IPv6 address will be assigned to you automatically. If you need details, how to connect with IPsec IKEv2 - here are our guides:

If you want to connect with OpenVPN - you will need to download new configs from this tab:

 If you need details, how to connect with OpenVPN protocol - here are our guides:

Can I use stunnel with IPv6?

Yes, IPv6 for stunnel is supported too. You can download it's configs from here:

But please note the following:

1. If you have only IPv4 address - you need to download configs for stunnel on 465 port. STUNNEL/443 won't work for you.

2. If you have both IPv4&IPv6 or only IPv6 address - you need to download configs for Stunnel on 443 port.

What type of IPv6 address will be assigned to my device?

After connection to any IPv6-capable location, except from Sweden Public IP, you will receive Private IPv6 address called "Unique local". It's resides in fd00::/8 network and is similar to private addresses in IPv4 space.

That address will be NATed to public IPv6 address, so all our customers will be hidden behind few public IPv6 addresses.